What Are Semi-Custom Homes?


What Are Semi-Custom Homes?

To understand what constitutes a semi-custom home, you may first need to understand what a custom home is. A custom home is a one-of-a-kind home that is designed for a specific client and tailored to a certain location. Custom home builders can use floor plans drawn up by an architect, professional home designer, or the homeowner. Custom homes give the customer the opportunity to control the layout, lot size, and details of their dream home. Custom homes are generally built on land the customer already owns, and alterations can be made at any point in the building process. These homes are one of a kind and do not look like other homes in the same area. Because of all the personalization involved in a truly custom home, these homes are generally pricier and take longer to build (up to 12 months or more) than other types of homes. Our home builders create the most luxurious new homes in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.

So what is a semi-custom home, anyways?

A semi-custom home incorporates some of the elements of a ready-made home, along with some of the elements of a custom home to produce a unique home that is all your own. Although the definition is somewhat fluid, usually a semi-custom home consists of a set floor plan offered by a builder, which may allow for a few minor changes prior to construction of the home, such as changing door or cabinet placements but stops short of moving walls around. Once construction has started, there is usually a lot less flexibility to make changes than when building a true custom home. The home can be built either on land owned by the customer, or on land which the builder owns, and the home’s finishes are left up to the home purchaser. In other words, the paint, flooring, countertops, appliances, and decorative finishes (like stone on a fireplace) are chosen by the customer, rather than being dictated by the builder. Builders often have several varieties of each finish to choose from, but the combinations are left up to the buyer’s discretion.

One of the advantages to building a semi-custom home is that the timeline is often much shorter than that of a custom home, as the builder is not starting “from scratch”. With a semi-custom home, any changes that require new or additional permits from the city can result in a longer timeline, and delay completion of the home.

At Jayden Homes in Colorado, we help you design a home that is truly yours. We start by helping you choose a floor plan that meets your needs and allow you to pick out your home’s fixtures, colors, and other essentials so that your new home is ultimately your dream home come true. We have been making dreams come true since 1988, and providing our clients with individual homes that reflect their own personal style. Contact us today at (719) 535-9030 or (719) 499-4400, and let us help make your dream home a reality that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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