Five Furniture Trends for 2017


Five Furniture Trends for 2017

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With 2016 in the rearview mirror and 2017 underway, a look at the new year’s furniture trends is something many home interior aficionados are doing. Though trends of any kind are subjective, in Jayden Homes’ analysis of what will be popular for 2017 in furniture ideas and styles, a handful of constants stick out. Below are five clear 2017 furniture trends to consider when you decorate or redecorate your home this year.

  1. The color green. Though the shade of this earthy color varies amongst interior fashionistas for which is the 2017 “go to” hue, bright green is considered the Pantone 2017 color of the year. Called “Greenery,” this vibrant and bright color is meant to evoke visions of rejuvenation and revitalization. A bright green sofa and loveseat combination will bring a sense of freshness to any room.
  2. The retro look. Retro furniture with its smooth curves and abstract shapes provides a creative counterpoint to our ever-evolving, technologically minded society. With 60s and 70s inspired sleek lounge chairs, old school sideboards, and drink cabinets serving as unique functional accent pieces that can mesh with contemporary interiors, you can bring the glamour of retro back to life.
  3. Warm metals. Brass, bronze, and gold metals are lending their warm elegance to everything from coffee tables and lights to cabinet handles and other furniture accessories. A step away from brushed metal, these sophisticated and classy tones bring an air of grace and harmony to any space.
  4. Navy is the new black. Noted by multiple trendsetters as a bold, neutral furniture makeover choice, the versatility of this strong look allows it to provide complementary accent pieces in any environment without the dramatic limits found in the color black. A navy dresser or end table makes a statement without making a statement.
  5. Marble. Though there is some debate whether or not marble has overstayed its welcome in the design world, many experts are not quite ready to let go, going so far as to say the timeless look is a trend that will remain through 2017. Marble table tops, including dining and end tables, counter tops, and even marble floors still add a welcome and luxurious feel to any interior environment, not just bathrooms and kitchens. If paired with other styles and looks conscientiously, marble can add an element of elegant durability as an accent to a bright room, for example one with that Greenery sofa.

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