Holiday Decorating Tips for Home Owners


Holiday Decorating Tips for Home Owners

Holiday decorating

The time has come to decorate (or at least contemplate decorating) your home for the holidays. In the process of decorating you want to make sure you don’t do anything to damage your home. Here are some holiday decorating tips for home owners that will help ensure your house survives the holiday season intact.

Trends in Holiday Decorating

Some of you may remember the little painted ceramic Christmas trees with multi-colored bulbs from the 1990’s. Back then, it seemed like everyone had a relative who made one, or several, of these kitschy holiday decorations. Going back even further, decades earlier strings of large, colorful holiday lights were used both inside and outside homes to decorate for the season. Those larger lights gave way to twinkle lights or “fairy” lights, which were all the rage for a while.

Today, we see a mixture of old and new, some families opting for a nostalgic return to the larger outdoor lights they remember dad putting up when they were children, while others choose more contemporary lighting. Whether you choose outdoor lights, indoor lights, large colorful bulbs or strands of twinkling white fairy lights, decorating for the holiday is an enduring tradition.

Decorate Your Home Without Damaging Your Roof

When stringing lights or installing Santa and his reindeer on your rooftop, there is a right and wrong way to attach decorations. The goal – besides not falling off your roof in the process – is to decorate your home without damaging your roof. With lights, be sure not to hang them in a tree that comes in contact with a power line and check that lights, cords, and outlets are rated for outdoor use. To avoid overloading your electrical circuits, don’t string more than three strands of lights together.

When attaching lights to eaves, do not use nails or staples to secure the lights to your roof or gutters. After removing the lights you will have holes that will allow water to penetrate your roof, which can cause problems. There are clips and hangers designed for use with outdoor lights that will allow you to safely mount them to gutters and shingles, without causing damage.

Decorate Your Home Without Damaging Your Siding

Sliding clips, suction cup hooks, wire hangers, even paper clips can be called into use to hang holiday decorations on the exterior of your home. When hanging decorations or lights on vinyl siding, there are products available such as VZ Hang plastic hooks that will attach to your siding easily and hold up to 5lbs. Similar plastic hooks and hangers are available in your local home good store. Plastic zip ties or even bread ties can be used in conjunction with these hooks and hangers to secure your decorations in windy weather.

Decorate Your Home Without Damaging Your Landscaping

Whether it’s a plastic Santa, blow up Snowman, lawn-grazing deer statues or a full-scale nativity scene, your outdoor lawn decorations need not cause damage to your landscape when installed properly. Here are some tips on how to decorate your home without damaging your landscaping.

You don’t have to go to lengths like Clark Griswold did in the movie Christmas Vacation to make your outdoor holiday decorations memorable and festive this year. Here are some things to keep in mind when dressing up your home and lawn:

  • Don’t leave decorations up too long. If you have a weighty outdoor display, leaving these items in your yard for longer than two weeks can cause damage to your lawn. Lighter items like inflatables can stay in place longer.
  • Use a timer. This will cut down on the need to walk across your grass in frosty weather, which can cause damage.
  • Pet-proof your display. If you can protect your decorations from pesky pets (and possibly neighbors!) this will also cut down on foot traffic across your lawn and help minimize damage.
  • Use battery operated candles rather than open flame candles, which are a fire hazard. If using open flames, extinguish them after a few hours to guard against accidental fire.

We hope these tips help you have an enjoyable, festive, and safe holiday decorating experience. If you want to build a gorgeous new home in Colorado Springs to decorate for the holidays, call Jayden Homes today!


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