POLL: Which Island Style is Your Favorite? We want to know!


POLL: Which Island Style is Your Favorite? We want to know!

We are curious to know your opinion as to which style of kitchen islands are your favorite!
While there are many styles of Kitchen Islands available, we have narrowed down island shapes that we want to know which you prefer over the others!

Please, use the Poll choices or Comment below to write your opinion of which style you like the best!

1.) We have a simple yet non-traditional island, which starts at 3 feet on one side, then increases in width to 4 feet at the other.
The diagonal side includes a slight arch giving this a clean spin on a classic style

Island Style New Home Colorado SpringsIsland Style New Home Colorado


2.) Here is a Quarter Circle style island! A nice clean 90 degree right angle, perfect for a corner kitchen! This design is simple, allows an open yet practical space perfect for keeping the kitchen elegant and clean.IMG_6758 Kitchen Kitchen 2


3.)  Our third choice is the traditional and classic, Rectangle Island! This is a functional and popular style that fits into many floor plans seamlessly. This is a rather common choice, but for good reason! This also provides a lot of storage options to help keep the kitchen organized
IMGP7690 IMGP7691


4.) This fourth design is a Rectangle with an additional arch curve on one side. This is a fantastic island for entertaining and conversation, fitting into many kitchen designs and offers a nice balance between straight lines, and curves IMG-28


5.) This design provides a lot of counter space in a functional wrap-around shape for a lot of practical uses.

Semi-Custom Home Colorado Springs

6.) This next option is similar to the previous, in terms of shape. However this Island is articulated in reverse, which gives fantastic counter space for the kitchen, while creating a new element by opening up a space that is perfect to place a table and plenty of additional seating.

Semi-Custom Home Colorado

7.) This island style can come in many various shapes. Raised Islands have a very nice style to them, offering a tiered counter top that can be adapted for many applications. Functionality aside, having a raised island can bring another level of aesthetics to your kitchen

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We appreciate your input!
Thank You

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