Spring Home Maintenance


Spring Home Maintenance

The Spring thaw is upon us, and it is time to get our homes ready for warmer weather! There are several Spring home maintenance tasks that need to be done to properly prepare you and your home. Whether you have an old or new home in Colorado Springs, it deserves a full check-up, inside and out. Read on to see the duties all homeowners should do when Spring is arriving:

  • Inspect the outside of your home – Giving your property a quick walk around can find many glaring issues. Whether these are roof damage, siding issues, masonry cracks, or the dreaded foundation crack, you need to take a close look at your home’s exterior. The cold weather can put additional stress on many parts of the house, especially masonry and concrete, resulting in damage that can become extremely expensive if it is allowed to worsen. You should also take a look at your windows and see if any of the screens or glass have taken a hit from any winter storms or any leaks have started.
  • Be careful when using a pressure washer – This may seem like an efficient, quick way to clean the outside of the home during your Spring home maintenance crusade, but it can cause damage to the house. Window glass and screens, siding, and masonry can all be chipped, scratched, or broken by the power these tools have.
  • Spring cleaning is a real thing! – The inside of your home has many nooks and crannies that are neglected much of the year. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to make sure those get the attention they deserve. Often overlooked surfaces such as chair rails, baseboards, window casings, ceiling fans, tops of cabinets, and more can greatly benefit from a thorough cleaning. Cleaning these areas will also help you feel better by removing germs and allergens from rooms you spend a significant amount of time in.
  • Don’t forget your air conditioner – You prepare your furnace for the cooler Fall temperatures when Summer is coming to a close, so why not do the same for your air conditioner as Spring home maintenance is performed. Making sure the filter is clean and hoses are leak-free can make your home much more comfortable. Remember – a clean machine is a happy machine!
  • Attics and basements can be a great Winter home for pests – You need to take a look in your attic and basement to see if any “guests” stayed for winter. Insects, mice, and other critters and crawlers want out of the cold much like we do. These areas of your home are much warmer than the outside world, presenting a free hotel for the colder seasons. The problem is they get cozy in your home and do not want to check out.
  • Your yard needs love, too! – We’re all human and miss branches and leaves during our Fall raking routine. Now is the time to rid the yard of various waste. You also can greatly benefit from applying fertilizer to bring your soil back to life after the compaction and chemical changes it undergoes during the colder months. Finally, making sure your sprinkler system did not sustain any damage during the cold season can save you from additional costly repairs. This is the time to turn the system back on and make sure everything is functioning as it should. Get the whole family involved and make a fun Spring home maintenance day out of it!
  • Make sure you’re ready for outdoor entertaining – Storing your outdoor furniture is a great way to preserve it when you are not using it. Now is the time to take it out, clean it up with a mild detergent, and enjoy the nicer weather! Your grill can also use some love. If you use a gas grill, make sure all the jets and burners are functioning properly. For charcoal grille, clean the kettle out to rid it of ashy buildups and greasy residue. Performing these simple tasks can help prevent a snafu during your first cookout!

Your home is one of the largest investments you will ever make. These simple Spring home maintenance tasks can protect that investment and keep it in like-new condition for years to come!

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