Trendy Color Schemes for Your Custom Home Design


Trendy Color Schemes for Your Custom Home Design

Are you sick of the colors in your house? Are you bored and want to try something new? Here are the latest, fashion-forward color schemes for your custom home design. The latest in color schemes include a lot of gray. Instead of gray, try using beige, black and white. This keeps it classic but adds some flair with the contrast. Sick of neutrals? Try seafoam green, camel and chocolate. This allows for a neutral color with a splash of an unconventional color. Looking for something a little less eye-catching? Try mauve, white and gold. This is classic and romantic. Perfect for any type of room. Don’t like mixing colors? Try yellow and honey. These are a great option for summer as well as just making the room feel warm and traditional. _DSC6153-Edit-Edit

Blue is the color that is “in” this year. If you like to stay trendy, try Mediterranean-blue, robin’s egg blue and black. This is great for a high energy space. Want something neutral with a splash of a bright color? Try gray, black and hot pink. Sound too girly? The neutral shades bring it down to make it look more gender-neutral. If pink isn’t your color but you are looking for some bright, wow-factor colors, try yellow, robin’s egg blue, and navy. As summer is approaching, this is a great color scheme to try especially in a bathroom. Want more of a beachy feel? Try using sand and seafoam green. This is a great balance of warm and cool colors. If you’re looking for no neutrals at all, try coral, green and blue. Try using patterns with these shades to bring them all together. They contrast beautifully. If orange is not your color, try olive, lime and teal. These do not contrast as much and are great summer colors. These vibrant shades will really bring life to your room. A perfect color scheme that is very “in” right now is pink, black, gold and white. This adds elegance to any room but also brings glitz and sophistication to the room. This is perfect for women or young girls. Another option to try is red, pink and black. The black will be the perfect neutral color to bring vibrant red and champagne pink together. The final fashion-forward trend to try is lilac, blue and camel. This brings a pop color with neutral so it does not feel overwhelming. Custom home design can feel overwhelming at first, but when you see the final product, you will be amazed with your results.

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