Start Your Fall Home Organization With The Closet

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Start Your Fall Home Organization With The Closet

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If you need more space for your fall and winter clothing, Lauren Kim at suggests now is the time to start thinking about switching out your summer wardrobe for warmer clothes. Using Lauren’s guide to help you organize your closet and drawers, you’ll be done before the first flake falls!

Evaluate your clothes
Take a good look at your summer and fall clothing. Remove and set aside anything that doesn’t fit, is worn, or is out of style. Mend anything salvageable so it can be worn again. Rehome items that are in good condition with friends, family, or a charity.

Make room by putting the summer clothing you want to keep into storage on higher shelves, under beds, or ever overhead garage racks.

Clean your closet and drawers
After your closet and drawers are emptied, wipe surfaces with a damp cloth and vacuum the floors. If needed, this is the perfect time for a fresh coat of paint and new, stylish overhead lighting.

Optimize your space with space-saving products, such as slim velvet hangers and hangers that hold multiple items at once and stackable containers that you can easily label. To maximize your space, Jayden Homes, Colorado Springs custom home builder, suggests using the same style of hangers throughout your closet space.

Looking for further ideas to make the most of your valuable closet real estate? See more of  ideas at

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