Customer Care

Customer Care

Your new custom home is one of the largest financial and emotional investments you’ll ever make. To protect your investment, Jayden Homes offers a one year warranty on the workmanship and materials used in your new home. As well, many of the suppliers and trade partners used in the construction of your new custom home in Colorado offer a manufacturers limited warranty. Please review all pertinent warranty manuals and paperwork in the warranty box you received at your closing.

Congratulations on your new Jayden Home. Please submit all warranty requests via the Owner’s Denon our website.

Please note, phone calls, texts, emails, and other forms of communication must be documented in writing by formally submitting the request via the Owner’s Dento ensure timely completion of your request.

When submitting multiple warranty items, please separate these items by category. For example, keep the electrical items separate from the plumbing items.

Please verify that work has been completed prior to our trade partner leaving your home.

Customer Care Process: In the event of an after hours heating, plumbing, or electrical emergencies, please contact the trade partner directly responsible for your home. You will find a list of the trade partners in the warranty box provided to you at closing. Please remember tofollow up by submitting your warranty request via the Owner’s Den.

Landscape and Grade: Please note, as a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining the established grades of your homesite and providing erosion control measures. Failure to do so may result in structure and/or retaining wall movement.

Purchasing a new home is the largest financial investment that most of us will ever make. To protect your financial investment requires an investment of your time by performing routine and appropriate home maintenance which will help avoid damage to your home.Please reviewour recommended list of homeowner maintenance tips courtesy of the National Association of Home Builders and other service providers.

Routine Home Maintenance Tips

Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

Fall Maintenance Tips

Make Your Home Is Winter Ready

Winter Watering

Disclaimer: Homeowner maintenance tips are a list of suggestions for the care and maintenance of your home. This is not a complete list of homeowner maintenance items. Homeowner maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. Jayden Homes is not responsible for homeowner maintenance or normal wear and tear to homes.