Hear What Our Clients are Saying

I can write a book about the superb experience I had having Jayden Homes build my home. From the moment I walked into the Jayden Homes model, I instantly knew this would be the builder for me, but it was solidified even more when I met the owner, Dennis Grover. Upon meeting, Dennis and I discussed options of the build, and that’s where I learned that Dennis was a man of dignity, integrity, took pride in his work, and would be very meticulous with the build of my new home. As I contracted for my home and started working with his team; Jayne, Danielle, Chris, Karen, and Linda, I was constantly impressed by their professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail in building my home. To add to the pleasure of this build, they completed my home in time for me to move in before Christmas and made me feel like I was part of their team and family.

I have had several homes built in Colorado Springs, but by far, Jayden Homes has been the best! Team Jayden’s work ethics, integrity, and complete attention to detail are unequaled by any other builders I have worked with.

Thank you, Dennis, Jayne, Danielle, Chris, Karen and Linda for making this a dream home come true. There is no doubt, I will enjoy living in my Jayden Home!
– Leonard
We had the pleasure of meeting Dennis Grover, Jayden President, Danielle Doyle, Vice- President, and the whole staff at our meeting in 2019 to start the process of building! They listened to our needs and made it come true!

They are passionate and dedicated to being the best in Colorado Springs. They care deeply about taking care of their clients and do all they can to ensure their clients have an amazing experience. They are committed to excellence and will accept nothing less. They are extremely skilled, timely and do a great job.

Tu and I feel confident that anyone hiring this Jayden Homes will walk away blessed and grateful for their experience and they are sure to love their home! We enjoyed working with everyone and had a blast with our designer Karen - she’s a hard worker! Chris the project manager was amazing! Dennis and Danielle we love you ALL!!

We highly recommend them as they have won numerous of awards! Thank you for making our experience so memorable.
– Ruthie & Tu
Thank you Dennis,
Kat and I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how happy we are with the work you are doing on our new home. The experience has been exceptional. Chris is doing a great job and is very good at answering our questions, and explaining the process. It is always great fun to come out and see the progress, and dream a little about all we want to do once we move in.This morning as I shoveled off the cars, I kept thinking 2 more months and I’ll have that heated garage my truck will fit in. We also brought my father by to check out our future home. I think his jaw hit the floor when he saw the garage.Then when he walked in the shop, I thought he might fall over for a second. He was very impressed. And believe me he took lots of pics to show off when he gets back home. Thanks again for all your hard work.
– Brian and Kat
My home building experience with Genesis Custom Homes was very positive. Dennis Grover is serious about building quality homes and pleasing his clients. He does this by setting clear expectations early and throughout the process.
– The Gardner Family
Thanks so much for everything . . . you and Dennis were an absolute pleasure to work with and we could not be happier with the entire experience . . . and our new home! We were blessed to have been led to you two. Your integrity, professionalism, reliability and attention to details took the stress out of the whole process and made our first build something that we will always covet. We just can’t thank you both enough.
–Tom & Lisa
Getting to know Dennis, we were amazed at his integrity, how detail-oriented he was and how important even the infrastructure, the things his client may never see, were to him. Each dream he fulfilled for his clients was beautiful inside and out, and what you couldn’t see was every bit as important to him as what your eyes took in. The infrastructure of Dennis’ homes was amazing and every bit as impressive as the detailed beauty of the home’s interior and exterior. When you’re talking stability, safety and energy efficiency, there would be no skimping. Dennis simply would not build or put his name on something he couldn’t be totally proud of or, for that matter, put his own family in. We have everything we ever wanted. The home is beautiful inside and out, energy efficient and it was built with love, at a price we could afford. The craftsmanship is amazing; Dennis would accept nothing less from his trades. And, as for the trades, they will all tell you that Dennis is not the easiest person to work for because he will accept nothing less than the best but they love working for him and know that expectation makes them all soar. They have in the past and do still occasionally work for others but can tell you that quality in never as much of a focus with other contractors as it is with Dennis.
–The Droege Family
Building our home with Genesis Custom Homes was our first experience building custom. Dennis and his team of tradesmen were all top notch. We always felt comfortable with the process and Dennis made us his highest priority. Our home is not what we had envisioned, it’s better.
– The McVay Family
Colorado Springs
It is extremely difficult to find home builders with high standards, work ethics, and willingness to be there for the customer when the house is finished. Angelo and I love our Jayden Home. We were not expecting to buy a new house; however, after meeting Dennis Grover and seeing his homes, we were sold. Dennis has acquired multiple years of home building experience and his homes reflect the detail, the beauty, the functional floor plans, and the energy saving elements. Dennis is a builder with hands on the entire project. He expects perfectionism from the workers as well as from himself. If there is an issue, Dennis will address the problem immediately. Working with Dennis and Jayne Grover and purchasing their Jayden-built home was the best decision we have made in our home buying experience. Our new house is a HOME!
–The Radice Family
Jayden Homes helped us realize our dream home. The attention to our needs and the details of the home were outstanding. Jayden continues to be attentive to our new home whenever the need arises. They care about their name and it shows. We love living in our work of art and we never want to leave! Thank You Jayden!
– The Cooper Family
When we chose to build a home here in Colorado Springs while still living in Kansas, we knew we would need someone we could totally trust and rely on to make our conceptual dream home a reality. We found it in Genesis Custom Homes. Dennis and Jayne were the people of integrity we were looking for. Their superb communication skills with us not only made the job go as smoothly as possible while building long-distance, but it also built a friendship. There never was a question or concern that was too trivial. Whatever was needed was acted on quickly, whether it was a phone call or coming by to check on something. Their long standing relationships with subcontractors meant quicker response times for us. Their experience and knowledge of all areas of the construction process meant peace of mind during the building process. Even now, two years later, if we have a concern, we know Dennis will be there for us. If we were to ever build again, Genesis Custom Homes would be our choice without a doubt.
– The Isaac Family
Colorado Springs
We love our house. The location, your plan and your wonderful craftsmanship make for an unbeatable combination!
– Jay
Not only during the building process did we experience such a high level of service but long after we moved in Dennis was just as attentive and reliable.
–Home Buyer
Colorado Springs
We would like to thank Dennis Grover, Jayne Grover, Danielle Grover and the entire Genesis Custom Homes team for their professionalism, commitment to quality, and customer satisfaction in the building of our custom home. We started with a vision of a home from our experiences of being homeowners and some floor plans we have liked. We met with Dennis and Danielle and started out with a rough sketch of our dream home. The Grover Team worked with us for six months refining the plan, suggesting design changes that enhanced the life style we were looking for and refining technological advances in construction techniques that ensured a quality product. They guided us through the entire process of permitting, site development, infrastructure placement/installation, and the ultimate construction of our home. In a much shorter period of time than we expected the home was completed. We are thankful that we chose Dennis Grover and Genesis Custom Homes to build our home.
– Jayden Homes Custom Home Owner
Elbert, Co
Their superb communication skills with us not only made the job go as smoothly as possible while building long-distance, but it also built a friendship.
– Home Buyer
Colorado Springs