Stylish Living for 2022

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Stylish Living for 2022

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There’s nothing more fun than decorating your new home in Colorado Springs or refreshing your existing home. Our Director of Design, Karen Cogburn, has compiled a list of her favorite design trends from sources including the National Association of Home Builders International Builders Show, Houzz, House Beautiful, Vogue, and more. We hope you’ll enjoy her tips and have fun adding some new style to your home!

Introduce Vintage Charm: With the shortages and delays in the supply chain, shopping vintage is an affordable and efficient way to add character and personality to your home. And if you’re really a thrifty shopper, ask mom (or grandma) if you can do a little browsing in the attic or basement.

Don’t Forget Natural Materials: “With more time spent indoors than ever before, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature. This has simultaneously inspired a resurgence in natural surfaces—think stoneware, terracotta, marble, and travertine being used across the board from backsplashes to bathtubs, furniture, and decorative objects. The raw, porous, imperfect nature of these organic materials adds depth, soul, and visual intrigue while also mimicking the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors. This lure back to nature has also sparked an interest in large trees at home, from the elegant black olive to Southern magnolias,” says Vogue contributor, Athena Calderone.

Black Is Back And So Are Earthy Colors: We’re not saying you must incorporate a black or brown leather sofa into your modern farmhouse decor but think about how you accessorize. Consider black accents like plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware, and mirror frames. Consider warming up your rooms with a more earthy paint colors in lieu of the ever so cool shades of grey.

Stack It And Layer It: A beautiful interior looks and feels collected. To achieve this look, apply stacks of well-loved books, pedestals or distressed risers to stage your treasures, and textural throws across your ottoman, bed, or favorite great room chair. Add a touch of chic by adding a bell-shaped cloche over a lovely green plant or bowl of lemons.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants: From simple house plants on your end table, to tall fig trees in the corner of your dining area, to green walls, house plants have never been more popular. Indoor plants have a calming effect and promote clean air.

Traditional Details: Traditional details are making a big comeback. According to Good Housekeeping contributor Bria Hammel, so much change around the world over the past few years has homeowners craving a sense of comfort, timelessness or even a bit of nostalgia in their homes. From pattern mixing, skirted or flanged furniture, and the incorporation of antique pieces (yes, vintage is popping up again in this article), 2022 is all about honoring our roots.

Lasting Style: We’re seeing the effects “buy it” and “throw it away” are having on our environment. The trend for 2022 is lasting style. Invest in pieces that you love and will last a lifetime.

Mindful And Personal Spaces: If the pandemic taught us anything (other than the need to wash our hands and wear a mask) it is that our homes need to include mindful and personal spaces. Our homes impact our wellness and our emotions. These spaces not only need to feel good, but they need to live well with thoughtfully designated areas for relaxing, working and learning. And they need to reflect our personalities. If we’re going to be spending more time at home, shouldn’t we love the space we’re in?

Bring The Outdoors In And The Indoors Out: If we’re bringing the outdoors in with more windows, colors and textures of nature, and more plants, why can’t we do the same for our outdoor living spaces. Think about your covered outdoor areas and incorporate your interior style to your outside self! Create the perfect outdoor living room with comfy and stylish seating, accessories, and lighting. But don’t forget that to have a truly perfect outdoor area, fire and water are a must so don’t forget the firepit and even a simple water feature!

About Jayden Homes: Celebrating over three decades in Colorado Springs, second-generation Jayden Homes, builds award-winning homes (and award-winning relationships) in El Paso, Elbert, and Douglas counties. A quality conscious Colorado Springs custom home builder with an emphasis on establishing a close working partnership with our clients, Jayden Homes is dedicated to providing an extraordinary home building experience with a well-thought-out process that allows for less waste and a more efficient method to the construction of your custom home. Building a custom home in Colorado Springs is a life event! Active members of the Housing and Building Association and the recipient of numerous Parade of Homes Industry Awards of Excellence and People’s Choice Awards, Jayden Homes believes that communication and education are the keys to a successful home building relationship with our clients. From selection of your homesite to placement of your home to design and construction, Jayden Homes will walk hand-in-hand with you to provide you with a home worthy of our mantra, “New Memories Coming Soon!”

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